Youth Empowerment

Centre for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education (CYECE) has been implementing various interventions aimed at ensuring that young people are empowered and supported to stand on their own amidst a number of challenges which they face. CYECE realizes that the majority of young people remain vulnerable as a result of continued unemployment but also being used to perpetrate political violence since they have nothing to do. Many of them however, focus on white color jobs other than thinking of creating their own self-employment. Notably, CYECE has been engaged in a number of strategies like Vocational skills trainings for out of school youth, Entrepreneurship trainings, Support for Entrepreneurship, Youth internship program, Life Skills Education, Counselling and guidance, Job placements for young people as well as Youth Talent Promotion.

Program Results

The following are some of the notable achievements realized so far as a result of the implementation of the project activities under this programme focus area;
  • CYECE managed to train over 12,000 young people in different vocational and Life skills trainings of their own choice. Some of these young people were also attached to various companies and organization for hands on skills
  • CYECE has managed to support young people to uncover their talents and skills through various open days and social mobilization campaigns
  • CYECE has been able to offer sports tournaments to allow young people have a chance to realize their dreams through various sports and recreational activities
  • CYECE has been organizing youth exchange educational study visits to offer young people an opportunity to learn from each other and transfer skills
  • CYECE has also managed to train young people in Theatre for Development (TfD) as a way of talent promotion for the youth in Malawi

Focus Areas

CYECE has a number of areas which need support in order for this focus area to achieve its full intended results. Some of the gaps noted are as follows;
  • There is need for mobilizing resources to purchase state of art equipment for the talent promotion programme like band
  • There is need for procurement of sports and recreational facilities to keep young people busy with sports
  • There is need for procurement of land to construct Multipurpose Youth Centre in order to use for youth recreational activities